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4”/ 100 mm High Temperature Resistant Fan for Sauna and Steam room

This fan is specially designed for saunas and steam rooms and will operate in temperatures up to 1400C and 100% humidity

The fan includes 12 Volt transformer


  • High Temperature resistant electric motor
  • High Temperature resistant fan blade
  • High Temperature resistant double capsulated ball bearings by NSK Japan
  • High Temperature resistant back draught shutter

In a sauna, you expose yourself to high temperature for long enough time to cause perspiration. Perspiration causes the skin to release impurities, bacteria and toxins into the air, which are unpleasant and harmful to inhale. To ensure a healthy and enjoyable sauna you must have a good ventilation system in place. Efficient sauna ventilation speeds up the body’s ability to energise and repair itself.

Technical data

Voltage 50Hz/12 V
Extraction 105 m3/h
Consumption 17 W
IP Rating X4
Max air temperature 1400C
Sound 39 dB
Stock Item Yes
Warranty 60 Months

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